Science and Technology Fair 2019

Global Issues - BlockSat

Telstar 11N Satellite

The internet lets us send and receive computer data all around the world.

But, there are lots of people in the world who can not join the internet.

This is a way for people with no internet to get computer data from anyone on the internet.

To receive the computer data anywhere in the world you need 5 things.

1. A satellite dish (a TV dish will work)
2. Cable
3. Power supply for satellite dish
4. Computer radio
5. Computer

The app on the computer helps us to point the satellite dish to a satellite up in space

When the satellite dish is in the right spot, and the app is running, we can receive the computer data.

Anyone on the internet can now send computer data to anyone in the world with this setup.

There are lots of ways to do this, but the easy way is to send the computer data from this web site.

The data is beamed up to the satellites in space. Then the satellites send it across the planet for all to see using the kit list above.

Here are two pictures I sent and received using BlockSat

Fairy Castle 1 Fairy Castle 2

For lots more information about this, here are two web pages;